Ultrasound Guided Spinal Injections are offered to patients who are suffering from chronic lower back pain, without any associated leg pain. Ultrasound guided spinal injections are also used to treat coccydynia and pain in the sacroiliac joint.

Before the procedure, you will have a clinical discussion with the musculoskeletal specialist about the benefits and possible complications of the ultrasound-guided spinal injections. The consultant will then ask you to sign the informed consent form before performing the procedure.

Following the injections, you will be given a detailed post-procedure care advice leaflet and will have the opportunity to ask the consultant any questions that you may have.

You will be advised to wait 15-20 minutes before you leave to make your way home so that we can ensure that you are safe to be discharged. We strongly recommend that you are accompanied by a family member or a close friend when having ultrasound-guided spinal injections.

Following your procedure, you will receive a report regarding the consultation, diagnostic ultrasound scan and about the treatment.


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