Cancer pain is pain from cancer or cancer treatment.

Pain From Cancer Surgery:

People often have post-surgical pain if they remove a cancerous tumour.

Pain From Cancer Treatment:

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy may have painful side effects. chemotherapy may have severe bouts of vomiting , cause peripheral neuropathy leading to numbness and pain in your fingers and toes.

Breakthrough Pain:

Breakthrough pain is sudden severe pain that's not controlled with the medications.

Nerve Blocks:

Inject pain medications INJECTIONS such as lidocaine or bupivacaine around the nerve that's sending pain signals. nerve blocks ARE USED for pain in your back, legs, arms, butt, neck and face.

Radiofrequency Ablation:

IT uses heat to destroy nerve from sending pain signals to your brain.

Epidural Catheters:

Similar to a pain pump, epidural catheters deliver pain medication that keeps your nerves from sensing pain. an epidural catheter delivers ongoing doses of pain medication.


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