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Dr Surbhi Bhagat

MBBS, MD, EDPM, Fellowship (UK), PGDip MSK Ultrasound (Spine),
FIAPM Pain Machine.

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Dr Surbhi Bhagat

Our team of Pain Care Specialists headed by Dr Surbhi Bhagat is one of the premiers in this speciality in Mumbai. Dr Surbhi Bhagat is committed to excellence in clinical care through a collaborative approach to patients suffering from chronic pain. At Pain Care Specialist, she embraces an integrative model of care, which is patient-centered and patient-led. She focuses on a holistic-approach to pain management, encouraging healthy lifestyle changes and promoting overall well-being.

She strives to provide the best possible outcomes, by blending advanced medical knowledge and modern treatment options, with individualized care, offered in a compassionate environment. She is also an honourable faculty in National and International Conference.

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Manish Shah

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Mayura Patil

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Mahesh Mathuria

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“My mother has whole-body pain... I went to dr surbhi she has a very humble personality...She gave some medicine to my mother and the result is within a month she feels good.”


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Psychological diagnosis at the subconscious level to reach the root cause of the patient's pain.


Ample time for detailed understanding and diagnosis of the patient's problem.

Hi-tech service
Hi-tech service

Highest level of Technology and AI supported diagnosis and treatment


Strict Sterility and Infection Control Protocols followed


Convenience of Video Consultations when required


Basic amenities like parking, wheelchair accessibility, sanitation for every patient.

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No. 1

1st in India that Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Guided diagnosis is given by a Pain Management Doctor.


We treat the cause and not the pain until it's possible

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Pain Care Specialist

Understanding Pain Management and Holistic Well-being

When it comes to specialized pain care in Mumbai, our dedicated team at Pain Care Specialist takes the lead. Led by the esteemed Dr. Surbhi Bhagat, we stand out as pioneers in the field. Dr. Surbhi Bhagat's unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch clinical care is evident through her collaborative approach to treating individuals dealing with chronic pain. In this article, we will delve into the holistic strategies employed by Pain Care Specialist to manage pain, foster lifestyle changes, and enhance overall well-being.

Dr. Surbhi Bhagat: A Beacon of Excellence

At the heart of Pain Care Specialist's success is Dr. Surbhi Bhagat. Her exceptional leadership and expertise have positioned her as a prominent figure in pain management in Mumbai. Dr. Bhagat is dedicated to embracing an integrative model of care that revolves around the patient. With her patient-centered philosophy, she tailors treatments to suit individual needs, acknowledging the uniqueness of each person's pain journey.

A Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Pain is not merely a physical sensation; it affects various aspects of an individual's life. Dr. Surbhi Bhagat recognizes this and advocates for a holistic approach to pain management. Beyond prescribing medication, she emphasizes the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle. This comprehensive strategy includes dietary adjustments, exercise regimens, and stress-reduction techniques. By addressing the root causes of pain and making sustainable changes, patients experience lasting relief and improved overall health.

Patient-Centered Care: Your Well-being, Our Priority

The cornerstone of Pain Care Specialist's success lies in patient-centered care. We believe that active patient participation is key to effective pain management. Dr. Bhagat and her team engage patients in shared decision-making, ensuring that treatment plans align with the patient's goals and preferences. This collaborative approach empowers patients to take charge of their pain journey and fosters a sense of ownership over their well-being.

Modern Innovations in Pain Management

Pain management is an ever-evolving field, and Dr. Surbhi Bhagat remains at the forefront of modern innovations. She seamlessly blends advanced medical knowledge with cutting-edge treatment options. This combination of expertise and innovation enables Pain Care Specialist to provide patients with state-of-the-art solutions, resulting in optimal outcomes and improved quality of life.

A Compassionate Healing Environment

Pain Care Specialist is not just a medical institution; it's a sanctuary for healing and compassion. Dr. Bhagat and her team understand that managing chronic pain can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Therefore, they've created an environment that nurtures both physical and emotional well-being. Patients find solace in the empathy and understanding extended by the entire staff, making the healing process smoother and more effective.

Bridging National and International Expertise

Dr. Surbhi Bhagat's influence extends beyond Mumbai. She holds an esteemed position as a faculty member in both national and international conferences. Her contributions to the field of pain management have earned her recognition and respect on a global scale. This recognition not only validates her expertise but also allows her to continually expand her knowledge base, benefiting her patients immensely.

Unlocking a Pain-Free Future: Conclusion

In conclusion, Pain Care Specialist, under the guidance of Dr. Surbhi Bhagat, offers a revolutionary approach to pain management. By prioritizing holistic well-being, patient-centered care, and modern innovations, the clinic stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with chronic pain. Dr. Bhagat's dedication to excellence and her compassionate nature have truly redefined the landscape of pain management in Mumbai and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Surbhi Bhagat at Pain Care Specialist?

A1: To schedule an appointment, you can visit our official website and use the provided contact information. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting a suitable date and time for your consultation.

Q2: What sets Pain Care Specialist apart from other pain management clinics?

A2: Pain Care Specialist stands out due to its holistic approach, patient-centered care, and incorporation of modern innovations. Dr. Surbhi Bhagat's leadership and compassionate environment further enhance the patient experience.

Q3: Are the pain management techniques employed at Pain Care Specialist tailored to individual needs?

A3: Absolutely. Dr. Surbhi Bhagat believes in personalized care. Pain management plans are crafted considering each patient's unique condition, preferences, and goals.

Q4: How can lifestyle changes contribute to effective pain management?

A4: Lifestyle changes play a pivotal role in managing pain. They can include adopting a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, managing stress, and getting adequate sleep. These changes collectively contribute to reducing pain and enhancing overall well-being.

Q5: Is Dr. Surbhi Bhagat involved in research or publications in the field of pain management?

A5: Yes, Dr. Bhagat is actively involved in research and often contributes to publications in national and international conferences. Her dedication to advancing pain management techniques underscores her commitment to improving patient outcomes.

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